Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sticker Earning Opportunity: Handel Flute Sonata

Answer the following questions, and then find the words in the word search I have created. Turn in the word search by the end of the semester to earn up to one sticker per word found. 

1. What was Handel's first name?

2. In what month was Handel born?

3. In what era did Handel compose his music. (Hint: eras are time periods such as the Renaissance period, the Classical period, etc.) 

4. What is the name of Handel's oratorio that is in English and takes it's text from the King James Version of the Bible. (Hint: one of his most famous pieces of music. Probably the first thing that pops into someone's head if you say Handel's name. Starts with an M and has 7 letters.)

5. What is the name of the keyboard instrument that is in the recording above?

6. Some say that Handel may not have composed this sonata. Before historians became doubtful as to who the true composer is, they thought that this sonata was composed by Handel when he was a boy living in a certain city. What is this city? (Hint: Another name of this piece is the _______ Sonata No. 1)

7. This sonata is in the key of A _______. (Fill in the blank)

8. What is the title of the first movement of this Sonata?

9. In what month did Handel die?

10. Handel is buried in ____________  ____________ in London.

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