Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's always the flutes!

I performed in an educational concert this weekend with the Rapides Symphony, in which we mentored and performed with young student musicians. Area students auditioned for a spot playing side by side symphony musicians. What a fabulous opportunity for young people! The RSO not the New York Philharmonic or anything, but it's still great for kids who live in a tiny town full of cows and hay bales.

Older students have special opportunities as well. The conducting assistant is a Master's student from LSU who auditioned and won the position. 

While the assistant was rehearsing the group, Maestro Zona asked him to check the intonation in the woodwinds. Immediately the young conductor blames the flutes! Of COURSE it's the flutes! Who else could it be?

Chuckling a little Maestro Zona used his try-it-again tone and told him to have everyone but the flutes play. Still out of tune. Okay. 

No oboes. Still out of tune. 

Just clarinets. Ah! There you go! 

Then we played it all together. Nice.

I leaned over and told our student, "If you learn nothing else, learn this. The flutes always get the blame!"

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